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I originally hail from the Chicagoland area; however, I’ve lived in seven different states in the past ten years.  You might call me a bit of a nomadic wanderer.  You only live once, and sometimes you have to experience life head-on.  I wouldn’t trade any of my experience for anything simply because I wouldn’t be the person I am today.   

Perseverant. Independent.  Creative.  These are only a few words I would use to describe myself.  There has yet to be an obstacle I couldn’t overcome with the right mindset and tools.  Everything in life is an adventure, even if it feels like a B-rated one.  I’ve come to UMSL to further my education; pursuing my degree in Communications.  I chose this field because I am passionate about clear and honest communication – plus, communication is an integral part of everyday life.  Being a good communicator also develops my active listening skills, which can help me connect with almost anybody. Not to mention I love making people laugh; it’s nature’s best natural medicine.   

In my free time, I enjoy going for walks, reading, and doing whatever else makes me happy in my free time.   Some of my other hobbies include making jewelry, playing video games, and listening to music. I usually have music going. Below is one of my playlists – it gets updated regularly with songs I’m vibing with lately.  I also have a deep love for Star Trek, and I love to stargaze when I go camping. 

Within my website, you will find out more about who I am, where I want to go in life and the things that shape who I am.

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