Goals aren’t always easy to achieve; thus, setting smaller goals helps me reach my bigger goals.  If it weren’t for my planner, I wouldn’t be able to get my papers and projects done on time, nor would I plan my days accordingly.  I’ll need all the help I can get to utilize my time wisely with work and homework.


When giving myself enough time to finish all my major papers and projects, I need all the tools and focus I can muster. Some days I can procrastinate more than others. Therefore, the daily planner gives me enough time to finish all my important papers and projects. Because I can plan my days better to see when everything is due, it helps me allot the proper time needed.  Knowing when things are due allows me to get things done correctly and handed in on time. So far, all my projects have been handed in on time with high marks, thanks to giving myself the right amount of time. Upon reflection, this semester has been a hit and miss regarding keeping on top of major assignments. It was easy to fall behind, and playing catch up could be troublesome. Next semester, I have stretched out my workload over the whole semester instead of cramming so much in such a short amount of time.  

For the 2021-2022 semester, I will be working as a Triton Leader in the Welcome Center and a new Student Partner position next spring.  Both of these jobs allow me to meet with all sorts of UMSL staff and students.  Not only that, but it will also give me a chance to be a positive influence on a potential student’s choice in choosing UMSL.  These roles are an excellent opportunity to network more extensively, allow me to know the campus better, and befriend people from all walks of life.  These will also benefit my HR and PR skills over time, which meshes well with my Communications major. Growing as a Triton Leader this semester has been amazing, I have met many UMSL staff and peers, and it’s nice to know people across the campus from this position.

A planner saying "Make your Day"

Ordinary daily planners don’t stick, so I am trying to use a spiral notebook and freehand my planner.  This way, I can be more creative and still obtain my goals by seeing the days and even weeks ahead.  Doing my planner helps me manage the small-time plans because bigger goals tend to be overwhelming.  It’s easier to take baby steps than focus on the bigger picture.  The small steps still get me where I need to go while they aid in fine-tuning the more minor details along the way.  It’s already been helpful, and I’ve only been using it for a month.  The planner has helped me keep track of my assignments and work shifts, making plans for my days easier. Upon using this freehand planner through this semester, I have found it to be an invaluable tool (if I can keep on top of it.) It has helped me remember appointments and assignments I might have forgotten. This goal is something that seems to be sticking.